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Post  Admin on Thu Jul 26, 2012 3:10 am

Rules: current Points:
Finish /Points
1st 43 11th 33 21st 23
2nd 42 12th 32 22nd 22
3rd 41 13th 31 23rd 21
4th 40 14th 30 24th 20
5th 39 15th 29 25th 19
6th 38 16th 28 26th 18
7th 37 17th 27 27th 17
8th 36 18th 26 28th 16
9th 35 19th 25 29th 15
10th 34 20th 24 30th 14

+1 points for
-Leading a lap
-leading the most laps

-1 points for
-aggresive blocking
-dangerous driving, causing a wreck.

- no dangerous blocking
- use common sense!
-stay above yellow line (unless trying to avoid an incident)

- use the right most lane & please try not to cut pit stalls
- enter using apron on speedways and short tracks
- exit using apron on speedways and short tracks
- enter using entrance ramps to superspeedways and road courses
- exit using entrance and or exit ramps on road courses and other tracks
- On SuperSpeedways exit the apron after pits signaling XXX and stay low.

Provisionals and Substitute Drivers
1. Provisionals MUST be requested in the PROPER forum section. Inabilitity to do this
will result in no provisional usage.
2. Substitute drivers ARE allowed. Subs may start from the rear- but must notify admins
who they are subbing for.


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